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I have a site which i want to allow adult themed content, however i want there to be a pre page load warning displayed allowing the person to choose weather or not they want to see the content.

I have a flag "Adult" in the db which identifies the content.

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Quick update, i mean like the warning where it then redirects you to the page you want. Customizable RSS Aggregation

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Use sessions.

Before each page load, check to see if the page's "adult" status is true. If so, check if the user has a session called "allow_adult". If the session doesn't exist, render the pre page and have it show a submit button. Clicking the submit button would create the session as well as redirect them to the page they were wanting to load.

Overall, a pretty simple process. That's how I would do it

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Re: Pre page load warning

Thanks, that's what i was thinking, was unsure if it was the best approach.

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