Topic: Using partials with parameters?


I currently have a view that uses tabs to "filter" based on a single column of my model. If we took the Product model as an example, each tab would be for a certain category. I also made an action in my controller to get all the objects for one specific category.

I then made a partial that renders a table with one row for each of the products.

How do I stitch the pieces together, in order to actually render these partials in my view? Because I use these tabs, each of the categories is in fact still on one page: <div id="category1">...</div><div id="category2">...</div> and so on

- the view is current index_by_category.html.erb
- the controller action in products_controller is also index_by_category
- the partial i did not yet create, but it's the same one I already use to show ALL items except that it obviously doesn't have a category column

Thank you!

Re: Using partials with parameters?

Just pass the variables into the partial in the render statement
e.g. for Rails 3.x

<h2>My partial</h2
<%= a_variable %>


  <%= render "a_partial", :a_variable => "A value", another_var => 'something_else %>

when index is rendered it would produce something like this in the browser

My Partial
A value

The old Rails 2 way is to use :locals hash

  <%= render "a_partial", :locals => {:a_variable => "A value} %>
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