Topic: The characteristics and uses of temporary fence

With easy installation, quick construction, does not destroy the surrounding site environment and high permeability to facilitate post-maintenance and management. Widely used in construction sites, shop warehouse isolation, transport routes and places such as temporary or emergency isolation.
Provisional Steel Bar Grating yes applicable to the temporary isolation, the Provisional cut off that the, temporary circle Wai, that the yes the products of a very strong of the flexibility.
The main removable connected components fence master piece with the base or protective column standard connection, and other specific needs can be easily removed, move the installation.
The main structural features: the mesh is relatively small, the strong performance of the base security, attractive appearance, customized production according to customer needs.
These wire mesh can be divided into a rail fence, isolating protective net, airport quarantine network, fence, plant community Fence, craft fence, iron fence, iron fence, the site Fence venues fence, sports fence, playground fence, residential fence, the fence of the living area, warehouse isolation, Wai Shan net, gill netting, barbed wire fence, razor barbed wire, the framework of the fence, double-loop wire mesh fence, isolation network of production workshop warning area enclosures , municipal engineering fence, garden fence, garden fence, prison isolation network, flexible network, wire rope net, fence net, construction net, brick with iron mesh, welded wire mesh, chain link fence, welded piece, mesh, seedbed network steel wire mesh, steel wire mesh, metal fence, metal welded mesh, safety nets, turtle net, round hole mesh, perforated metal mesh, stone cage net products, widely used in petroleum, chemical, construction, textile, pharmaceutical and other industries . Special materials or products according to user needs, and provide users with comprehensive services. The product has a corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, acid, do not fade, surface bright and smooth, durable characteristics.