Topic: Problem installing Rails in Ubuntu


I am trying to install Rails on Ubuntu from gem but, when I put the following command:

gem install rails --version 3.0.0

or sudo gem install rails --version 3.0.0

I get the following error:

The program 'gem' can be found in the following packages:
* ruby1.9.1
* rubygems
Try: sudo apt-get install <selected package>

I am trying to install the version 3.0 of rails I am following the course: Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example  to install it and the thing is that the guy on the course tell us to install it by rvm not by apt-get.


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Re: Problem installing Rails in Ubuntu

This should help you
the railscast covers an ubuntu setup on a production server but can just as easily be applied to a development setup on ubuntu and will probably answer questions you haven't even thought of yet.
Personally I prefer bundling rails with binstubs rather than using rvm. I used to be an rvm fan but bundler does it all for you now

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Re: Problem installing Rails in Ubuntu

Hey james,

before anything thanks for the reply and letting you know that your solution solve my problem.