Topic: Which Linux Distro for RoR? CentOS vs Debian?

Hello all,

I have been assigned a project at work to code a webapp with RoR, and while I am still in the process of learning the language, I would like to setup a Linux box to begin testing some code. I was just wondering if either CentOS or Debian was better suited (supported) for RoR. I have been leaning towards CentOS, but I would like some feedback from someone who has experience on both.

The project deals will pulling log files from another server (BFD monitor), storing with MYSQL or SQLite?(this may change, not sure of the direction yet), and creating a webapp (internal facing only) to to search these log files and their fields.

Thank you

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Re: Which Linux Distro for RoR? CentOS vs Debian?

I use Ubuntu for both development and production.
My dev box is an Ubuntu box (I don;t use any other OS nowadays so I chose Ubuntu for my production server based on familiarity with the OS. The only downside is that most control panels will work with CentOs but not Ubuntu. No big deal for me as I don't need a control panel.

My suggestion is go with what you are familiar with, you have enough of a learning curve as it is without the added complexity of getting familiar with a new OS

Purley coincidently there is a railscast ons etting up a linode ubuntu system which you may find useful

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