Topic: Grabbing all validation UnboundMethods from a model in rails

I am working on a project that will take custom validations on models and translate them into javascript to be run on the client side. We are currently passing in the model, and a specific validation method (as an UnboundMethod ).

JS_translator(model, Custom_Validator.instance_method(:validate))

What I want is to get all the UnboundMethods that get used for validating the model because our translator leverages the AST representation of the methods (using 'live-ast'), therefore the model_name.validators will not work (it returns an array I think). I need to get all custom defined validation methods that are defined inside the model itself as well as all validators the model uses so I can do this:

def JS_translator(model)
    validateMethods = model.some_magical_call()

Right now I am trying to get this functionality by exploring the CallbackChain, but I am unsure how to get an unboundMethod out of this.

Also as a side topic, how useful do you think the rails community would think this project is?