Topic: Problem with can't connect to localhost

Hi all,

i've tried googling for possible errors but none of them have worked.

I have been trying to install through and everything went fine as per the screencasts and i was able to start the server on windows 7 64-bit using the railsinstaller screencast provided.

I went into the project directory in cmd and started the server using rails s. everything configured properly. and it says port is 3000.

BUT when i go to http://localhost:3000 it does not connect.

firewall is off. also allowed access to ruby applications.

please help me with this as ive been stuck for a long time figuring out the situation and googling the error but no reward sad

EDIT: for more information, here is the link where u can watch the video.

Everything works until 2:00 minutes into the video, when the person navigates to the web and starts http://localhost:3000, his works and the startup page shows up...mine doesnt.

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