Topic: how to implement “has_messages_generator” on rails3 with devise?

I already created App that I would like to add "has_message_generator" into it. an auth plugin "Devise" is already installed,so that I followed these dierection below.

1.Add this line to my Gemfile and did bundle install
gem "has_messages_generators"

2.Did this command line and it seemed everything's ok!
rails g has_messages:install user

But it shows "uninitialized constant User::HasMessages" error when I access to root page. so I took "include HasMessages" off from user.rb(in Model directory) and did "bundle exec rake db:migrate" It seemed it created table successfully.

Then I tried to access to root page, it still shows error "undefined method `inbox' for #"

Anyone has idea with the installation of this plugin???

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