Topic: Has anyone used devise with a table other than Users?

Using Rails 3.2.5 and Ruby 1.9.3p125
I am trying to get devise ldap authentication to work with my application, but my 'people' table is named 'employees' not 'users'.
I installed devise with: 'rails generate devise:install' and 'rails generate devise employees' and everything worked seemingly ok.
I installed devise_ldap_authenticatable with: 'rails generate devise_ldap_authenticatable:install --user-model:employee' and again no problems were reported.
I changed the before_filter to: 'before_filter :authenticate_employee'.
I configured ldap.yml to point to our ldap server.

However, my sign in does not authenticate, and reference to the statements reported by the rails server indicate that the application is not attempting to contact the ldap server before rejecting authentication.

I installed a small devise/ldap test app. that uses the table 'Users' and it works properly.  I've tried to configure my main app to reflect the configuration of the successful test app. but no luck getting the main app to ask the ldap server for authentication.

Where else do I need to tell devise/ldap that my table is not 'Users' but something else?

Thanks for any help. --Fred