Topic: Beginner-Friendly Features of a Great Stock Charting Tool

If you're new to trading, selecting the right charting software can be very complicated given the availability of various tools available. Moreover, all of these tools seem to offer a host of benefits that make the selection process all the more complex. It is highly crucial that you select the right tools to implement your trading strategy, so how do you decide which charting software is the right one for you?

Given below are the most important factors that you should consider when looking for a great charting tool to help you become a successful trader:

1. Availability of a free trial version
Being a new trader, you should have at your command various tools to try out for free or at a minimal charge. The majority of good charting tools offer a trial version to let you decide whether the software would be most beneficial to you.

2. Compatibility with your operating system
You need software that is compatible with your operating system. The majority of users have Windows on their laptops or PCs, thus choosing a Windows based chart is a must. The software may also be available online and browser dependent. Your choice depends on the operating system you use. This sometimes determines whether you can save or print your charts locally on your machine or if you can access it offline in the absence of internet connection.

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