Topic: Inserting a formfeed in printed product

I have an application where I need to print one to many address labels on a Dymo Labelwriter 450.  Labels print from a long roll of labels.  I have HTML/CSS3 code that correctly prints individual labels  from a MYSQL database.  What is happening is that when I try to print multiple addresses, the second one partially overlays the first label, offset by about 5-6 characters.  I think I need to insert a formfeed ( ).  I tried using page-break-after:always;  but it failed too.  It seems to me this should be a trivial thing, but I'm fairly new rails/CSS and need some help here.  I've included the code below.  I know its a little rough, but it works.  I have nearly the same same code to print multiple addresses on envelopes and it is working just fine using this same code structure, just different text positioning values.  If you could markup the change that be great.Thanks in advance for any help on this.<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC

Re: Inserting a formfeed in printed product

There is no code included wink

I think you should try page-break-inside property

.label { page-break-inside: avoid; }