Topic: MultiparameterAssignmentErrors

Hello, Folks;

I am trying to get some information saved to my application database but Rails 3.x complains I have "1 error(s) on assignment of multiparameter attributes". It seems obvious to me the problem is that I broke my DateTime field into 3 separate entities which are being sent as follows:


This is a excerpt of the view/partial in use:

<td style='width:75%;'>
  <%= text_field(:appointment, :apptdate, :style => 'width: 93px', :class => 'dbdate fmdate') %>
  <%= time_select(:appointment, :apptdate, {:minute_step => 10, :ignore_date => true}, :style => 'width:50px') %>

I am actually using a jQuery DatePicker on the form (linked to the class options dbdate and fmdate) and the text_field displays the selected date alongside with the fields for time. Image here:

Does anyone know how can I 'break' the usual Rails datetime_select as needed without breaking Rails original way of handling the datetime pieces (i.e. apptdate(1i), apptdate(2i), apptdate(3i), apptdate(4i), apptdate(5i))?

Thanks in advance.

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