Topic: Different behavior when using jQuery-ujs from dev to prod envs.


i have been banging my head over this problem for half a day now. i have a very simple rails application that works as expected in development mode, but fails in production mode. i have tried to replace the settings from my production environment with these in the development environment with no luck.

Basically, my application has to respond to three formats: html, json and js.
For instance, when i use the url: http://localhost:3000/software_tags/1/edit.js, i should get a javascript file in return. This works great as i'm properly using the respond_to with a block, either serving a edit.haml for HTML or a for js.

However, in production mode, if i use the former URL, i get the HTML version. But what is also weird is that it only renders the edit partial, not the whole application...

Is there anything that pops into your head that i can be doing wrong?

Thank you very much,