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I am just not to sure how to build a nested form. I have followed Ryan Railscasts but I am unsure on how to create a new instance in my case.

I have the following models

Book Manager, and
In my case a customer has many book_managers, and a book_managers has many books.

The part that confused me his to create a new instance in the single form. I have a description which belongs to book and I have a isVisible who belongs to book_managers

Here what i am thinking but doesn't seem to be working

@customer = Customer.find(params[:id])
@bookmanager =[:bookmanager])
@book =[:book])
It doesn't work and not sure how to create the relationship. Any help on it is appreciated!

Re: Nested Form Builder

make sure you have attr_accessible set up properly i.e. booksmanagers_attributes

new customer:

@customer =
@bookmanager =
@book =

for edit you should only find customer (if you have proper form structure with "fields_for")

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Re: Nested Form Builder

I am having a similar problem. Is it possible for you to go into a little more detail on the different components to make this nested form work?