Topic: file_field_tag conflict with :remote

hi all,

  <%= form_tag("/sina_weibo/statuses_update",{:multipart=>true,:remote=>true,:method=>"post"}) do %>

    <%= text_area_tag("statuses_text", nil, rows:3, class:'text_area span6') %><br>

    <%= file_field_tag :img_field,  :accept => 'image/png,image/gif,image/jpeg,image/jpg' %><br>

    <%= submit_tag "release", id:"statuse_release", class:"btn"%>

   <% end %>

without "file_field_tag" the :remote works fine and processed as JS, but with it ,processed as HTML ?!

what's wrong with my codes?

many thanks!

i am a rails rookie

Re: file_field_tag conflict with :remote

You're not allowed to upload files through js, use remotipart: