Topic: CSV File Help

Dear All,I hope you doing well, I am new to ruby, please help meProblem: i have one column in csv file name min, that is allow only 5 character length ,more than 5 character length it is allow in min column allow d character reaming data display in next column that  is maxEX: original File Min123123451234566I want display like belowMin                 Max123                Null12345            Null12345            66for that here i wrote the codeplease check it once, i getting results from databaseif contentLength > templateField.max_length          if !templateField.run_on.nil? && templateField.run_on == true            return applyRunIntiRow(content, templateField.max_length, templateField.run_into_id)          else            content = content[0,templateField.max_length]          end        enddef applyRunIntiRow(content, maxLength, nextId)    contentArr = content.split(' ')    result = []    rest = []    maxLength += 1    for eachWord in contentArr      if