Topic: Controlling the content of notification emails from Rails director app

Hi all! I've setup a basic phone directory using Rails which our company admin assistants have access to to look up staff phone numbers and other contact info.  I've also setup the default mail gem to send out notificaiton emails to a distribution email address whenever entries are added/removed or updated.  My question is related to sending our the update notifications.  Right now the "update" notifications" send all of the info for my update notification view because I've set up the view to include all the info, but ideally I want to set it up so that it denotes the information that was updated for any given staff record.  Any tips how I would I do this?  Below is an example of my "updatedstaff.notification.text.erb"...

<%= %>

Phone Number:
<%= %>

<%= @staffmember.location %>

So let's say one of the admins updated just the phone number for a given staff member...  I want to send out an "update" notification email that shows/highlights that the phone number was changed.  Like it should list all of the staff member's info but show "UPDATED-> Phone Number:" Any ideas how I'd do this?


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