Topic: Points for users and redemption

Forgive the "newbness" of this post.

I'm building a project where users earn points for certain actions they do on the website (with variable point amounts depending on the action).

I need users to be able redeem these points for "rewards" probably prizes arranged in an eCommerce style part of the site.

The extra hard part is that I need these points to be "transferrable" too. The users will be able to enter into "bets" with each other (not gambling, but that's what it seems like). At the end of a given time period whoever won the "bet" should get a certain amount of the other user's points.

This seems pretty complicated to me and I have no clue where to even begin. Any suggestions?

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Re: Points for users and redemption

Professioals begin with a piece of paper a pencil and a rubber
work out your buisness logic in the form of use cases, draw a logic flow diagram of exactly what what you want to happen and when, mock some screens up and produce a mock up of the app and how users interact.
Think through all the processes and how hey interact with each other and make sure you have the majority of use cases covered.
Then work out how you translate all thaty into code/ That's the easy bit once you have eerything analysed properly.

What you want and what you need are too often not the same thing!
When your head is hurting from trying to solve a problem, stop standing on it. When you are the right way up you will see the problem differently and you just might find the solution.
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