Topic: H13 heroku error

When I upload a file , and send this file to s3 ( 5 MB of csv file ) on heroku I got error H13 ( Connection Cloesed without response). I added  ( environment.rb and application.rb ) lines:

if Rack::Utils.respond_to?("key_space_limit=")
  Rack::Utils.key_space_limit = 262144 # 4 times the default size

My code is:

def import_from_csv(csv_file, user, organization, related_object, after_import= nil)
    file_upload = FileUpload.upload_to_s3!(user, csv_file)
   delay.process_csv(file_upload, related_object, organization, after_import)

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Re: H13 heroku error

Any luck, michalos?

I'm facing the same issue using CarrierWave on Heroku to post to S3.

Are you using unicorn? Worker process timeout seems to be causing this. My guess, though, is that we'll get H12 instead if we change timeout settings.

From Heroku docs: