Topic: Why is it so hard to use Rails on a Windows box?

I confess I am relatively new to Rails and even newer to this forum - but just wanted to know if anyone else is struggling with Rails on a Windows machine?

I am running Windows 7 and Rails is all installed. I am playing around with existing Rails app from Git Hub. However very few actually work on a Windows setup. They require Rubracer, Capybara and others that don't appear to be easily installable or available.

Are there any tutorials available that walkthrough install apps from Github or embedding Github elements into existing projects (for Windows)?

Apologies for the rant! Feeling a little stuck at the moment.

Re: Why is it so hard to use Rails on a Windows box?

The best way to get started is to write your own app using as few gems as possible.
It is far more omplicated to get someone elses mature app up and running than it is your own when you have little knowledge.
On the subject of rubyracer, captbara etc... they are jut gems, all you do is run bundle install from the command line and they will automaically get installed providing that the gems have been added to your gem file.

The problem with using other apps is that you need to make sure you are running the correct versions of ruby, Rails and whatever other gems these apps were designed with. Rais moves on at a pace and there are oftencode changes needed to upgrade/downgrade an app.

AWDWR is a great starting point and is my bible … with-rails it's around £15 for the pdf and it'll be the best moey you have evr spent on a programming book. It'll walk you through creating an eCommere app from scratch and goes way beyond the basics.

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