Topic: Issues getting proper web-page response.

Hello everybody, I'm new here, as well as to RoR (but not so much to Ruby).

I am trying to get a "simple" RoR Hello World application running. Here are the steps I have taken and the issues I've received:

sudo apt-get install ruby
sudo apt-get install rails 
sudo apt-get install mysql-server
sudo apt-get install mysql-client
mysql start

This installs ruby/rails/MYSQL with no errors returned.

I then start setting up the project for the hello world application

cd /home/[username]/desktop
rails helloworld
cd ./helloworld
ruby script/server
ruby script/generate controller hi

This creates the project folder "helloworld" on my desktop successfully. It also creates a near-empty file in my controllers folder named "hi". I check to make sure the server is running (which it is, because it returns my with the beautiful default rails index page).

However, when I try and navigate to I get the red text of death saying "We're sorry, but something went wrong.", even if I define "index" in the controllers file.

I would appreciate any help getting this fixed. Thank you.

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Re: Issues getting proper web-page response.

Well, you are nearly there

ruby script/generate controller hi

Will just generate a controller for you

rails g controller hi

Think of a rails controller as being a folder in a plain html web app
so just generating an empty folder will not actually give you a web page
You need a view (html page) and a route to tell rails how to get to that web page.

I think you would benefit greatly from reading through the rails docs and a good starting point would be
It should answer all the questions you haven't asked yet on how to get your first app running

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