Topic: Scheduler Issues


I have spent many hours figuring out how to use whenever gem.  I can't get the schedule task running.  Are there any steps I need to take besides what's in described in the site :

I did finally figured out how to use rufus-scheduler:  For this, I have to put a config file like rufus.rb in the config/initializers folder.  It's not mentioned in the official doc.  I am guessing it's a known fact, and that's why it's not documented?

Now back to whenever.  What extra things do I need to do so that my rails server can't pick up the config/schedule.rb file? 

Here is my schedule:

every 1.minutes do
   command \"echo 'I am testing whenever'\"

I tried:

$ whenever
* * * * * /bin/bash -l -c 'echo '\''I am testing whenever'\'''

## [message] Above is your schedule file converted to cron syntax; your crontab
file was not updated.
## [message] Run `whenever --help' for more options.

$ whenever -w
[fail] Couldn't write crontab; try running `whenever' with no options to ensure
your schedule file is valid.

What needs to be done?

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