Topic: has_many and :after_add / :before_add => callback for << and create

I am reading Rails 3 Way book and got confused at the point:

:after_add => callback Called after a record is added to the collection via the << method. Is not triggered by the collection’s create method

As I understand

book.chapters.create(title: 'First Chapter')

won't invoke before_add callback but actually it is calling.

class Book < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :title
  has_many :chapters, :before_add => :add_chapter

    def add_chapter(chapter)
      logger.error('chapter added to book')

class Chapter < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :book
  attr_accessible :title

In Console(minified)

 > b = Book.first
  SELECT "books".* FROM "books"...
 > b.chapters.create(title: 'Last Chapter')
 chapter added to book
  INSERT INTO "chapters" ....

Here you can see that after_add callback is invoke for create.

Not only create but new and build also invokes callback

Am I misunderstood something or reading some outdate content which change later?

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Re: has_many and :after_add / :before_add => callback for << and create

Because you are calling the methods omn the parent object the parent is adding the child that you create to it;s array of chuldren for you and that therefore triggers the events. Hope that makes sense

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