Topic: after_initialize not being called

Just updated rails from 3.0 to latest 3.2.8 and did the ruby switch to 1.9.3.

I updated my application got the kinks ironed out that I ran into.  However, now my after_initialize defined as a method in my models that inherit from ActiveRecord::Base are not being run when I either do a find or new.

I am clueless as to why this is happening and have read a ton of documentation, posts, scrolled through numerous searches, etc.

Anyone have anything I can try or willing to give me a lightbulb moment?

FYI, I did try to define after_find() and print a test string.  No joy.


Re: after_initialize not being called

I've never used the after_initialize call back before but I just tried it on a new test app like so

class PlayTime < ActiveRecord::Base
  after_initialize :log_output

    def log_output
      logger.debug("@@@@ - After initialize called")

And I got the expected output in my log file

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Re: after_initialize not being called

Thanks for the quick reply.  You set me on the right path.  My old code worked and looked similar to the following:

def after_initialize
  puts "test string"

So evidently that used to be fine, but now you have to call it as you did.  I just renamed my after_initialize block to setup and added

after_initialize :setup

Seems like a long way around, but it works.  Thanks for stopping me from beating my head against the wall further.