Topic: multiple resource editing

Hi !

I have an idea to edit multiple resources, described here:

Any opinion is welcome


Re: multiple resource editing

You have obviously given a lot of thought to this but I don;t undrstnad what problem it is that you are trying to solve.
The interfaces you have shown look confusing and unintuitive, also users like check boxes. For example admin options in this punbb forum allow select all links and check boxes to maintain reports, they are dead easy to use and do not break RESTful protocol, (xml, json, html etc... still work fine) .

I just don't understand what problem you are trying to solve. I don't see a problem! Perhaps I have misunderstood something or maybe there is a language barrier, I assume English is not your native language?

Perhaps if you could be clear and concise in your explanation of the issue rather than explaining your thought processes I might get a clearer idea of the problem that you are trying to solve.

What you want and what you need are too often not the same thing!
When your head is hurting from trying to solve a problem, stop standing on it. When you are the right way up you will see the problem differently and you just might find the solution.
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