Topic: Failure to do AJAX Update

I am trying to implement an AJAX update in Rails 3.2.8. I have done this before OK in Rails 2. I have finally found the way to do it in 3.2.8 after a lot of searching. It now 'almost' works--I can set up a remote request from a web page using :remote => true--The request is handled by the controller that invokes a javascript view  'some_file.js.erb'     $('#the_content').html(“<%= escape_javascript render( :partial => 'form', :object => @place ) %>”);--The erb file renders the new part of the page as     $('#the_content').html(“some valid HTML......”)  and sends it to the browser (Firefox)--The relevant DIV  - 'the_content' is not updated but the valid response can be seen in the Firebug console. What is wrong?

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Re: Failure to do AJAX Update

I have solved the problem. It was the quotation marks. The script that works is $("#the_content").html("<%= escape_javascript render( :partial => 'form', :object => @place ) %>"); Other quotes generate unicode, seemingly.