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Is it possible to create a parameter of type "password" or a type of the same kind, using the command "scaffold"?



Re: Password for scaffold

Rails scaffold command

rails g scaffold <options>

will generate a model, a controller with corresponding 4 views + partial, tests. Scaffold will not

create a parameter of type "password".

If you want to add a new attribute to your model, just create a new migration that will add it and then just run. See more details at Rails Guides for Migrations.

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Re: Password for scaffold

Hello Javix,

Sorry, when I said command "scaffold" I mean "rails generate scaffold <options>".

The thing is, is it possible to add a parameter to database (mysql) which will be automatically encrypted? (using: "rails generate scaffold <option>")


Re: Password for scaffold

See a R.Bates screencast which explains the basics for that: … =asciicast