Topic: partial-controller?

Hello everybody,

i have just started programming with ruby on rails. And here is my problem:
I am developing a kind of schedule. Each table-cell is formatted within the same partial. However, each of these needs a different database request. i have the following models with the respective columns:
Entry: name description
Appointment: entry_id, weekday_id, weekhour_id
Weekday: wday (i.e. monday, tuesday, ..., sunday)
Weekhour: whour (i.e. 7:00, 8:00, ..., 20:00)
As you can imagine, every table cell stands for a (Weekday, Weekhour)-pair for which i need the respective entries.
what would be the best put the data within the cells?

Hopefully you understand my problem (and my english) if there are any questions open, don't hesitate to ask.
Thank's a lot for your answers! smile