Topic: .bashrc [SOLVED]

When i started ruby on rails some one helped me to get set up and they did allot of things to my system that i dont know about like when ever i type vim .bashrc it opens the .bashrc file no matter where i am on the console.

but this stooped working. and i was wondering how i can get it do that again.

Thanks and happy new year

Re: .bashrc [SOLVED]

Sounds like you don't have vim installed anymore. I can do the same with textmate by typing: mate . (to open the root app directory) on my pc. Nothing was done to my bashrc file.

Re: .bashrc [SOLVED]

1) type vim ~/.bashrc.local
2)alias bashrc="vim ~/.bashrc.local"
3) save :wq
4) close the terminal and reopen you should be able to type bashrc from anyware and you will be at the .bashrc.local file