Topic: Help needed!

It's past time to update this forum.
If you are interested in helping out with the project management, design and development for a new open source RoR project to replace this PunBB forum and for use by anyone else wanting an Ror based forum then please reply to this thread indicating what help you feel able to provide.

What we want is a Q&A style forum that allows for discussion, rewards members that put the effort in, reduces/prevents spam and really helps those looking for help.

sounds like Stack Overflow? Well yes... but... It's not easy to discuss problems in Stack Overflow, We are thinking a hybrid, taking the best of this forum and the best from stack overflow. Ideas and input always appreciated.



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Re: Help needed!

Hey, why can't we just use Discourse ? (it seems cool, mixture of forum and Q&A)
it's open source and written in Rails.