Topic: I need your recommendations

I am a new RoR developer. I have experience in VC++ and PHP programming.
Currently I learn Ruby and I am plannig to learn Rails by the end of the year. I am taking online RoR course.

I use Ubuntu 12.04 as my primary OS. And I usualy develop web apps working on intranets.

However, I want to choose a framework for developing web apps and stick to it. After I did a little research I decided to try RoR.
As for Ruby, I liked it. It has a lot of usefull laibraries and it is an expressive language.
I would like to hear your recommendations on the following questions:
1) I know that there are development and productions environment for RoR.
    What would you recommend for development environment? I mean tools, IDE,....

    We work as a team of 3-6 people in a two-room office. We have network: 1 server + 6 machines connected by a switch. We want to setup a Linux server and deploy and test our RoR project on this server.

2) Basic steps for deployment on an intranet. Recommended OS, apache modules...

3) .... Everything I dont know and need for developing and deployment.


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Re: I need your recommendations

Rails works fine on Ubuntu.

1. Development environment. A lot of people use TextMate (Mac only) or Sublime Text (Windows, Linux, Mac). Sublime Text is great for developing Rails apps.

2. For the server. You can use Ubuntu or another Linux server. You can use Apache with Passenger which is an Apache module that runs Rack (which Rails is based on) apps.

3. Source control so you can work together. E.g. GitHub (

4. For deployment. The preferred tool for deploying Rails applications is Capistrano ( This means that you can deploy your apps with a single command that automatically deploys your code and runs database migrations.

And then RVM ( for installing Ruby both in development and production. Some people use rbenv (

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