Topic: Search forms

I need help on the following model question. How do I create a search form that combines these results together.

Lets say I have a form_tag, with fields such as


These would all be fields in a form a user can type and search. Lets say that these columns are spread out in the models.

If I have 4 models Example:

Model A : Table: User               Column : first_user Column : last_name
Model B : Table: Computers     Column : computer_type
Model C : Table: Manager         Column : manager_type
Model D : Table: Desks             Column : desks_type

I know that I need to get the params hash into the controller, but what steps do I need to do from here?
To make this render in the view. I would like and request a detailed explanation if possible. I would really appreciate some help for I am struggling with this a bit.

Thank You.

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