Topic: Searching XML using Nokogiri

Here is an extract of the xml file I am working with:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  <report Title="my report" computer_name="my computer">
  <software Title="Software">
    <page Title="Security">
      <item Property="Windows Firewall">
        <item Property="Program" Value="c:\windows\system32\firewall.cpl" />
        <item Property="Version" Value="5.1.2600"
      <item Property="Antivirus" />
      <item Property="AntiSpyware" />

I need to iterate through the nodes and end up with objects as follows:

SecuritySoftware.create!(:name => 'Windows Firewall', :program => 'c:\windows\system32\firewall.cpl', :version => '5.1.2600')
SecuritySoftware.create!(:name => 'Antivirus')
SecuritySoftware.create!(:name => 'AntiSpyware')

So far I have...

doc = Nokogiri::XML('public/my_xml_file.xml'))[Title="Security"])

I just can't figure out how to loop through the child nodes/elements and retrieve their 'value'.