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When using linux i just run MySQL as daemon, then, i run manually Webrick to test my web applications. But when i'm in Windows, i'm using the InstantRails package and i also run manually Webrick.. and i'm wondering why InstantRails is running apache (is that only to make possible the  use of phpMyadmin ?!) ?

I have a second question, when i want to configure my own server.. what i need to make a rails production environment?

thank you..

Re: Apache, Webrick and Mongrel

The Rails environment may be set using the RAILS_ENV variable. To set the environment to production uncomment the following line in config/environment.rb file.

ENV['RAILS_ENV'] ||= 'production'

Re: Apache, Webrick and Mongrel

thank you dvohra, but When asking about production environment, i was speaking about the software environment needed to run a rails application in the production mode... should i have apache ? what to install more to have a rails server ?

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Use Apache2 with FastCGI.

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Thank you!

To be sincere.. i didn't believe that just apache with separate ruby/rails installation and without any configuration will let my application running immediately.. but when creating a sample app.. this was a reality! maybe this is due to my poor servers knowledge.. but anyway! thanks again smile

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Use the Apache 2.0.x version. Apache 2.2.x version does not include the FastCGI module.
RubyForApache is also required to be installed.