Topic: Silly Rabbit -- Trix are for background images!

I dig the CSS background-image stuff.  It's very handy.

I find myself in a situation where I want to overlay some HTML over a background image -- and that's typically a trivial thing to do via CSS (background: url(...))

But I need the background image to be dynamic (ie: loaded in from database).  I've been using just plain old image tags, which is fine when you don't want to overlay other HTML content, but now I find myself wanting to do just that.

So 2 questions:

1) What's a quick way to use image tags, but overlay other HTML over the image?

2) I suppose I could inline the css style and give it the background: url(...) inline.  I'm afraid the XHTML/CSS police will find and kill me if I do that.  Is there a "nicer" way?

Re: Silly Rabbit -- Trix are for background images!

LOL..yeah the Markup Cops will shoot you on sight for that offense!

In your shoes I would probably use dynamic CSS. … -templates

It is an extra layer of your app to parse, but this is not an issue if you use caching