Topic: Help Needed with simple RoR website transfer


I'm trying to help a family friend of mine move her website from a hosting provider that is no longer going to be offering her services to a new hosting provider.  The previous provider designed a pretty simply Ruby on Rails website for her, and has provided me with what he says is all I need to transfer the site to the new hosting provider (i.e. GitHub repository of files and database file).  Unfortunately, while I'm pretty computer and web-saavy, I've never worked with Ruby or Ruby on Rails before and have no idea what to do.  Is there anyone here that might be able to assist me?  Alternatively, I could probably pay someone a little to just do it for me.  Either way, any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

- Marc

Re: Help Needed with simple RoR website transfer

Depending on the complexity of the app and what services you need, you could look into deploying it to Heroku. They have a pretty thorough set of instructions.

Re: Help Needed with simple RoR website transfer

I'm not entirely sure what Heroku is?  Is that a hosting service?  I actually have a hosting service that tells me they support RoR, but like I said I have no idea how to get what this old hosting provider gave me (the files) and turn them into a workable website.  I'm used to working with PHP or javascript, where you put all the files in a directory structure and then browse to some of them to make everything work or to install whatever needs to be installed, but it seems that isn't the way RoR works.  I'm totally lost here...

P.S. Thanks for trying to help though - it's appreciated!