Topic: What Hosting Provider For Rails Applications?

Hi Folks,

i've developed a small Rails Website and would like to publish it. to make that happen i'm currently looking for a good Rails hosting service.

But I'm not exactly sure about what way to go. Should i get a virtual Server like Linode or should I try an more managed solution. On the one hand i'm not exactly a security expert and a little afraid of getting hacked on a linode on the other hand managed solutions are much more expensive (Heroku/engine yard ~$100) vs. Linode $20 per month.

What would your guys suggestion be? Since the site is not targeted at being very commercial (maybe just a few banners) i really think $100 is too much.

Maybe I have some other options i'm currently not aware of.

Would be nice if someone could give some hints.


Re: What Hosting Provider For Rails Applications?

If it's just a simple, basic site, I would suggest Heroku - . Simple enough to work with, and you can always port it off to a paid server if the need got to that point.

Re: What Hosting Provider For Rails Applications?

In the past i've found that dreamhost and ipage are rather effective and affordable - dreamhost will let you move as many domains as you want to your account - i'm not sure how good they are for deploying a rails site - the fact that you can directly deploy your site to heroku is a definite advantage. 

I'd love to find a good rails host that bills you on 'usage' - as in the beginning my sites won't be very popular smile