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Hello Rails Community,

This is my first post on this forum and I would like to say hello to the Rails community, and hope to get the answers I am looking for as well as help out others when I become more experienced in Ruby on Rails development.

My main programming background is in C++, but I am also very familiar with HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript (AJAX, JQuery). I currently have a Ubuntu 12.04 server running on a virtual machine. Currently I have a basic web server setup with Apache, MySQL, PHP (phpMyAdmin), Ruby, Rails, nodejs, SSH, and FTP. I also am using a Virtual Host environment as my girlfriend is interested in basic web "programming" (HTML and CSS).

My Question
What is the best way to setup a Rails development server to allow easy access to edit my apps files?

The reason I am asking is because I have setup what I thought was an ideal Rails server, but after further research I found that I am technically doing it wrong. What I have been doing is logging into my server via SSH and editing the files with Vim, but I was getting sick of not being able to have multiple files open and displayed to reference. I then switched to my default text editor on windows, which is Notepad++ but I found out that it does not support syntax highlighting for ERB files. To access the files with Notepad++ I was using the built in FTP plugin, but after researching for a plugin to support syntax highlighting of ERB files I found Sublime Text 2 in which I have the trial version for. I then continued to find out that I have been doing it wrong by accessing my remote files via the FTP, because of reliability and security purposes. The security aspect doesn't bother me as much as the reliability, and also I would like to learn the proper way of doing this.

I suspect the proper way of doing what I am trying to do is git, but I am very new to git (sadly). I am the type of person that saves every two minutes then refreshes the page to see how the new CSS (or something else) has effected the it, and what I have done with git is using the commit function but I do not want an excessive amount of commit comments within my repository.

Thank you everyone for your time and helping a beginner start his long adventure into the realm of proper web development.


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Re: Setting Up for Rails Development

setup Development environment locally (if you're using Ubuntu, checkout this tutorial for setting up rails) and for deployment use Capistrano to make things easier.

Re: Setting Up for Rails Development


First off I would like to thank you for your input and sorry about the delay of communication. The primary thing I forgot to mention is that I will be working on this project from multiple locations (work, home, hotels, and so on...), and not always on the same computer so that is why the FTP was such a great thing for me as it is a universal protocol. After a brief reading on Capistrano, it looks as if this is what I was looking for but I'm not quite sure on how this works. Correct me if I am wrong, but basically I will have a local repository and Capistrano will push my changes to my server when I run a command? The only reason I am weary about this solution is because of moving from computer to computer and place to place. This would require me to install everything every time and pull everything from the server.

Another idea I had was use Sublime Text 2 portable edition and NetDrive portable (mounts FTP & Syncs to a drive letter). NetDrive will allow Sublime Text 2 to read the FTP contents as there is no built-in support for the file transfer protocol, and it will not read a mapped drive within Microsoft Windows. I would put both of these portable applications on a secure flash drive, and run both of them in tandium when I have time to work on this rails development. Out of curiosity is this a viable solution, or am I doing it wrong as I am using the FTP.

Thank you all once again for your time.