Topic: Is Rails a good place to start?

I read that Steve Huffman, who is teaching CS253 at Udacity, said that it would be better for a beginner to start with a simpler framework, than rails (or Django etc.). He uses webapp2 in the course.

I know a little bit of python, and I've gone through some very simple rails tutorials (teamtreehouse). I have just started the Michael Hartl tutorial on rails. But after reading the comment from Steve Huffman, I'm unsure if I should start there instead and then move to rails later on.

I know that this forum is probably biased towards rails. But would I be better of in the long term starting with something simpler?

I want to learn webdevelopment/programming to create my own start-up and make a MVP. So while rails has more features, would it be faster/easier to get something going on GAE and webapp2 (and possible also better for understanding the technologies?)?

Re: Is Rails a good place to start?

Lots of people have learned programming with Rails as their first language. There's really no way to know if it will be a fit for you unless you try it. Start with the Rails Guides - - and go from there.