Topic: RoR job market in Australia

Hello. Sorry for posting here, but I guess this subforum is good with it smile
I am a RoR developer with 1.5 years experience. I know and user RSpec, Cucumber, I used to use TestUnit, I know design patterns and some of frontend technologies (Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS, studying CoffeeScript and LESS now).
So I am about to move to AU (Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne/Perth, probably one of them).
How hard would it be to get a bill-paying job there (just to be able to pay apartment rent and live without much luxory)?

What is RoR job market in Australia?
How hard is it to get job there? Here in Moscow where I live RoR jobs are very rare, but good paid, I have one of them.
My friends convince me to move to Java or C#, but maaan, Ruby is love forever xD

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Re: RoR job market in Australia

There's lots of jobs out there for good Ruby devs in Australia. I doubt you'll have a problem finding work, and it's a great place to work!