Topic: nested_form not saving to model Rails 3

I think I am on the right path for the following, though i cannot save the form data to the model. I have 2 models

    class Prediction < ActiveRecord::Base
      attr_accessible :home_team, :away_team, :home_score, :away_score, :fixtures_attributes

      has_many :fixtures
      accepts_nested_attributes_for :fixtures

    class Fixture < ActiveRecord::Base
      attr_accessible :home_team, :away_team, :fixture_date, :kickoff_time

      belongs_to :predictions

To create a new prediction record i have a form that takes all the fixtures and pre populates the form and the user will just add scores next to each team

    <%= form_for @prediction do |f| %>
    <!-- Gets all fixtures -->
    <%= f.fields_for :fixtures, @fixtures<!-- grabs as a collection --> do |ff| %>

    <%= ff.text_field :home_team %> VS <%= ff.text_field :away_team %><%= f.text_field :home_score %><%= f.text_field :away_score %><br>

    <% end %>
    <%= f.submit 'Submit Predictions' %>
    <% end %>

Then i have my controller to take care of the new/create action, which i think is where i may be falling over

    class PredictionsController < ApplicationController

    def new
     @prediction =
     @fixtures = Fixture.all

     def create
      @prediction =[:prediction])
          redirect_to root_path, :notice => 'Predictions Submitted Successfully'
          render 'new'

and finally my routes

    resources :predictions
    resources :fixtures

So when i submit the form i get the error

    ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in PredictionsController#create
    Couldn't find Fixture with ID=84 for Prediction with ID=

Looking at the params being parsed (snapshot below), something does not look right, for one the home_score and away_score are not being passed through.

     "1"=>{"home_team"=>"Aston Villa",

Current Output of form

Any advice appreciated