Topic: Does a Rails Plugin Repository exist?

I was thinking about making a plugin repository for rails... not sure if the site should actually host the plugin files(if it's even feasable), but should definitely be categorized, have lengthy write-ups on their functionality and links to the author sites.  I'm finding that I'm tackling a lot of problems that have already been solved and a well maintained site like this could be invaluable as rails gains popularity.

If something like this does not exist does anyone have any suggestions on how to structure such a site?  I have my own ideas, but i'm curious what you guys would expect.


Re: Does a Rails Plugin Repository exist?

I think the Agile Web Development Plugins page is a pretty good resource of rails plugins. Perhaps your site will have significant differences, but just letting you know what's already out there.

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Re: Does a Rails Plugin Repository exist?

That's actually very similar to what I was thinking.  The site is a bit lean on the plugin explainations, but the list looks pretty comprehensive. I don't think my site would be different enough to justify the effort.

Thanks for the link!