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I hope this is the right area to post this. I tried the Rails mailing list but didn't get any traction. I need to add a cart and payment acceptance feature to an app. I'd like to use something like 2checkout to get the user's info and credit card number, then sending me back an authorization.

I mentioned 2checkout because they are one I am considering. Does anyone have experience with 2checkout or any of their competition?


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I've been very happy with Paypal Website Payments Pro.  This is just like a regular merchant account, and doesn't require you to redirect to paypal.  Theres already a good Rails plugin called RoR::Paypal for it.  The thing I like the most about it is that it's only $20/mo, not $15 + $4 + 10% / pi.  Very easy to setup and use.

Re: Payment Acceptance Service Recommendations?

One of my clients wanted to use NetBilling so I have a little ruby module for integration with them if you're interested.

The guys at released their payment system that includes full-on credit card processing.  You can check it out here:

I have to support thabenksta's suggestion though, I've always been impressed with how easy and professional Paypal is.

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Thanks, good pointers. Interesting that 2co gets no comment...

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I've had limited experience with 2co, but back when I did use it, I found user subscriptions harder to manage than they were with PayPal, so it might not be the best option for recurring billing. That said, they seemed fine in ohter aspects, though I never did do any website payment integration.

Now I use PayPal for small online payments. I'm selling services, not goods, so a lot of my payments are actually still done by check, or over the phone by credit card (which I just run through our POS).

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Hi,thanks for posting. Any updates on this thread? Looks like this has been inactive for quite some time now. Thanks!

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