Topic: using :as in routes on rails3

Hello everyone.

I'm upgrading a rails 2.3 app to as high as I can get it. 

At the moment I'm on the first hurdle of upgrading ruby from REE1.8.7 to 1.9.2 and rails to 3.0.0.I'm run into a stumbling blog with a route.

In rails 2.3 we've got this

""map.resources :classifieds, :as => "marketplace", :member => { :flag => :get, :flag_feedback => :get }""

I can't replicate what that produces in rails3.0.0, I've gone round the houses and I must be reading the docs incorrectly or being intentionally stupid.

If anyone could transpose that into rails3.0.0 speak I'd be eternally grateful.

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