Topic: I want to make my site something like this

Hie All,
I am new to scriptaculous.
I have requirment of give the same effect as this site had (
On clicking the side menu you will find those block growing horizontally.

What effects i can use.
Also i want to know, for making effects working i must be have all the <div> (on which i want to apply effect) rendered or i can make it by passing through and action.
<link_to :action=>books_list :controller=>"account">

Please guide me!!!!!
If the problem is not very clear (really very sorry for my communication skill sad ), you can contact me at  or

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Anand Lal
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Re: I want to make my site something like this

Wow, that's a very strange effect on

Ok, to make an effect work you basically need two things:

1) You need a div tag with an id:
<div id="book_list">
    <li>One Book</li>

2) you need to use a visual_effect:
<%= javscript_tag visual_effect(:book_list, :grow) %>

But if you're trying to make the effect happen only when you click a link, then you want to embed it in a link:
<%= link_to_function "Click Here", visual_effect(:book_list, :grow) %>

Or if you're using Ajax:
<%= link_to_remote "Click Here", :update => 'book_list', :url => {:action => 'book_list'}, :complete => visual_effect(:book_list, :grow) %>

Hope this helps!

Re: I want to make my site something like this

Hie Danger,
Thanks for your responce. it was great, but wasn't able to solve my problem.
Presently i am doing something like this.
<a href="#" onclick="new Effect.SlideTestTwo('mixed_behaviour_oldContent');">mixed_behaviour_oldContent</a>
<div id="mixed_behaviour_oldContent" style="background-color:#9999AA;color: #B30000;display: none;">
    &nbsp;&nbsp;n&nbsp; new Effect.Scale('id_of_element', percent, [options]);sfhsdkfhsdkfjsdfsjkfhsjksdkfjskjsdhfjsfjkdfksdhfsdjkfsdkjfhdfh<br/>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;n&nbsp; new Effect.Scale(element, percent, [options]);dfsdff

Div contains just dummy data.
SlideTestTwo is my own made new effect which just use slide and make display:'' at end.
Now i had the assumption that all things will be rendered. So div will be there in the page.
I have to just apply the effect.
Can u tell me how to do this?
Since i am new to ruby/rails so not very much comfortable in these things.
Thanks & Regards,
Anand Lal
Neev Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Bangalore, India.

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