Topic: How to deploy without FQDN

It seems that every way I have seen to deploy a Rails app has some requirement for setting up Virtual Hosts.  The setup for these virtual hosts always seems to require fully qualified domain names.  I am trying to set up a rails app for an in-house intranet.  I don't need or want a domain; I just want to use the IP address of the server.

I hope I have just misread the docs I have seen.  Is there a way, with apache, litespeed, lightttpd, or any other server, to do this sort of thing?


Re: How to deploy without FQDN

Of course. You don't need a virtualhost at all.

i.e. in LiteSpeed you configure a Context where / (root) points to your Rails app. The same in Apache and Lighttpd, there is always a 'main server' part in the configuration. Just add your Rails application in that part and you're golden.

If you're deploying on LiteSpeed i can send you my config if you want.

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Re: How to deploy without FQDN

What a relief!  (Well, if I ignore the fact that the answer was so easy and I totally missed it.  I was looking past it, I guess.)

Anyway, thanks.  I will try this with Litespeed when I get back Monday. 

While I'm asking, will I have to do anything special concerning fcgi?


Re: How to deploy without FQDN

Not that I know.

fyi, I've had performance trouble when using FastCGI and more than 20,000 requests per day. I've seen Mongrel or LiteSpeed perform much better.

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