Topic: Basic Devise

Hi everyone,
Currently, I am learning RoR and I have already had enough knowledge to write simple web apps using RoR.
I understand that managing users, user authentications and authorization is one of the integral part of many web applications.
I want to choose Devise (as my authentication solution) study it and use it in my web apps.
I have already managed to create a simple app, integrated Devise with Bootstrap and managed to customize views. Looks cool.

However, while I am reading source code generated by Devise or tutorial on Devise usage or simply forums posts, I always see Devise-specific terminology, functions/properties names such as, for example, resource_name, resource, scope,..etc. 
Can someone please explain me what they mean?  Do you know any tutorial explaining "anatomy" of Devise at conceptual level, NOT HOW-TOs but WHAT is WHAT and WHY?
I had look in … er/frames. Unfortunately this RDoc info did not help much.

For example, in my Devise-generated view I found a resource_name attribute. I searched for it in RDoc and found the following explanation: Proxy to devise map name.
To tell the truth, this 5-word description didnt tell me much about what resource_name is and what it is for.

If the only way to understand details of Devise is hacking the source code then could recommend me what class/file to start from? (there are a lot of classes and files)


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