Topic: Deploy from development to live environment

Ok, I have a "semi-working" site on my notebook and I now want to deploy it to my server (MAC OS X Server).

What steps are involved?

a) I guess I copy the whole site directory structure to the server?
b) What about moving from development into live running?
c) Easiest way to run the migrations for the live SQL database?
d) Anything else I need to do?

I have Apache running but am getting an error saying I dont have access to / on port 16080.  I have a document outlining how to set up mongrel behind Apache but for a unix newbie it looks pretty daunting (i am such a unix newbie, it has taken me half a day to work out how to change directories...).  Do I really have to do this?  There won't be much traffic to this site and it is still in development so will be changing frequently...


Re: Deploy from development to live environment

As a newbie too.  You need to look into capistrano and subversion.  I have to say that I found it easy to follow the "Agile Web Development with Rails" from chapter on deployment.  Then returning here for follow up questions and you will be able to get thru it.  It looks rough but after a little practice it gets easier.

Re: Deploy from development to live environment

thanks matey.  i have that book...  if i can get Apache on the server to work with rails that will be a good first step!