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Are there any tools or solutions for allowing site users the ability to create their own custom page templates.  For example, say I'm developing a multi-site blogging application.  One database stores sites which has many accounts.  Each account has their own blog at,, etc. 

Each account/user essentially has a blog - which pulls its data from a multi-user db - which formats the data into various blog pages (home page, archives, article detail, etc).  Is there a RoR way of allowing this sort of setup.  To provide users a way of theming their site, without actually having access to the underlying RoR templates? 


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If it was me I wouldn't let users touch the HTML (you end up with a myspace templating and security disaster).

I'd give them a CSS document and lots of hooks in the document allowing them to do various things. I'd also validate the CSS document before presenting it to the world to validate their input and remove anything they shouldn't have. You _might_ need to give them the opportunity to upload images too which could be called through the css document (again validation required on the upload).

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Yeah, CSS is a good idea. With the right HTML your shouldn't need anything other than CSS to gain near total control.

You can provide an interface to change basic elements - colours, for example. Even have some presets for colour schemes or layout.

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Re: Templating/themes for site users

Thanks for the suggestions.  Any tips on how to go about providing a user specific CSS file?  Also, how would I go about validating it?

Thanks again..