Thanks in no small part to everyone who answered my dumbass questions on this forum over the past few months, my site is finally live and ready to be dissected.

If you want to see an example of a site who turned out surprisingly nice even though my Rails skills are horrible, check it out:


Nice one.
A typography suggestion is that the optimal line-length is 60-65 characters.
The main content seems way more than that. You might want to up your text-size a notch and/or increase the margins to make reading seem more 'easy' and enjoyable.

What's "white sun of the desert"?



IMHO you should post that on the Mythbusters forums, I'm sure that sooner or later a tip will show up that will need to be tested and verified (with explosives).


Thanks for your comments, all.

Dylanfm, thanks for the tip, I'll test the line length out. "White sun of the desert" is a title of a great Russian adventure movie from the 70's. It's also a name of the company that's behind :-)

Jbartels, thank you for giving me a great marketing idea!!! Once the site gets traction, I'm going to send a "Top 10 questionable tips" to Mythbusters and see what happens :-D